Sunday, October 11, 2009

Honu's Hawaii

Here is a page from a book that I am currently illustrating called Honu's Hawaii. It was written by a friend of mine named Tanya Hazelton. Her website is


  1. Wonder what this book will be about...curious...why is cute Mr. Turtle snoozing under what looks to be a rock of some sort...hmmm.. and how lovely the hawaiian style house looks! Glad to see your kind words at my's been awhile! Hope you've been well - it looks like you are busy...congratulations on another book. WOW!

  2. this is so perfectly tropical, I am totally loving that PINK modernist house.
    Mr Turtle is so cute - that's exactly how I feel today, yawwwwwn!

  3. This looks beautiful, Jack. Very colorful and well executed. Mr. Turtle is doing what I feel like doing on this rainy day in Michigan, but I'm making myself stay awake and work on some drawings. (haha)

    Have a great weekend.