Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ahhh finished!

Ahhhh! I finished this book for Guardian Angel Publishing. The name of the story is Sh Sh Sh Will the Baby Sleep? It is written by Kathy Stemke. It's about a boy who dreams of great adventures while trying to keep everything quiet so his baby sister can sleep. It should be out early next year.


  1. oh my goodness this looks so completely cute what a sweet story and I love the perspective.
    Congrats Jack!

  2. OH! Congratulations to you, Jack!! Woot woot! I love this illustration...that baby owlet is amazingly sweet. And the look on the little baby's face is perfect! It looks to be a fantastic book, and I'm sure you must be proud!

  3. Hey Jack that's great news.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thoroughly deserved.

    It's a beautiful thing to get your work out where it belongs. Is there a difference between envy and jealousy? If there is I have them both :) Heh.

  4. Hey Jack! I love this illustration! I can't wait to see the whole book. I love Zachary's glasses. The baby looks so sweet in the background.